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USB computer audio system Construction and configuration of an USB Media Server

Build your bitperfect USB Audio Computer

Even if it is theoretically possible to use any computer to play digital music, it is more practical to use a dedicated computer and configure it appropriately. The goal is to be able to seamlessly integrate the audio server, without keyboard, mouse, and screen, into the existing high-end stereo system.

In the course of ecological sustainability, 24bit96 intentionally only publishes descriptions of suggestions which can also be implemented on older PCs and MACs, particularly since those older devices often offer better quality for digital high-end audio. And modern computers mostly are just overkill, in their technical performance, for the bit-perfect accuracy of the audio playback.

It is the aim of these instructions to show you that it is easier and cheaper than you think to build your own USB audio server.

Configuring the USB Audio Computer

In order to listen to music over a USB connection, your audio server of course needs to be configured - for the operating system as well as the player software that you will be using. It's quick and easy to go through the necessary steps, tips and tricks for trouble-free playback without interference from the operating system. For smooth operation and bit-accuracy, here's the optimum configuration:

DYI USB Computer Audio System

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