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Windows10, foobar2000 and WASAPI for HI-Res Audio Playback

Bitperfect Windows10 Foobar2000 - HiFi Music Server

Windows 10 and foobar2000 are able to play bitperfect audio, no question. But you should consider that Windows 10 is provided "as a service" and is constantly updated and comes with new features. The following description therefore only contains the most necessary steps and settings and does not interfere with the system.

A) Setup of Windows 10 for hi-res audio

The connected DAC is selected in "Settings / Devices" and set up as follows:

Windows 10 Audio Setup

Windows 10 Audio Setup

Windows 10 Audio Setup

Windows 10 Audio Setup

B) Setup of foobar2000 and WASAPI

foobar2000 is installed as described in topic B of the configuration for Windows 7, but instead of the kernel streaming driver ("foo_out_ks"), the "WASAPI output support" component is loaded from the foobar2000 Components page and enables this driver in foobar2000 to "File / Preferences / Components": foobar2000 component WASAPI

The DAC itself could be configured in "File / Preferences / Output": Windows 10 WASAPI DAC Setup

C) BIOS setup

The setup of the BIOS of your Audio PC is described here. For bitperfect Windows10 based machines UEFI should be enabled in the BIOS settings.