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Internet HD Radio Streaming
Lossless and High Definition Internet Radio Streams - an overview

The Internet offers a huge selection of High BitRate Radio Stations which stream their music online nearly in highres-audio quality with 41,000 kHz / 320 kBit/s. The following examples of Lossless Radio Stations stream free of charge and along with public radio stations there are a large number of private projects that offer excellent selections which will give you some good new ideas for your own music collection

Tip: Setup of Highres Online Radio Streams

If you use our Linux Audio Server you can very easily play radio streams as playlists in MPD. To do this, use your Linux-terminal, enter the playlist folder in "/home/USBAUDIO/.mpd/playlists" and add the stream address (extension ".m3u") as playlist:

Primephonic - Classical Music as DSD, WAV and FLAC